With a wide range of fabrics starting from 150 GSM all the way up to 800 GSM and all the fibers you can think of we are able to cater every customers need.


By crossing the threads of the weft and the warp on a loom we create particular designs which meets our costumer desires.This with a state of the art machinery and a wide knowledge of the product.

Our creations

Our in house designers develop personalized designs daily to our customer’s needs.
An extensive library of more than 300 000 designs is readily available to browse together with the customer.


Highly specialized in non-quilted flat covers we give the customer a solution to be able to cut costs in its production but still have a high quality look for the end consumer

qc & lab

With our in-house laboratory equipped of all the European testing machines we extensively test all our delivery’s to the required test method.

cooling gel & latex

We can supply high quality latex in moulded blocks for mattress interiors from 3,9" to 7,8" and rolls or sheets for toppers or comfort layers from 0,4" to 2" thickness. All products can be supplied with or without zones and in densities varying from soft to very firm.

Special and exclusive latex: gel-infused, jute-backed for direct mounting on springs, fire-retardant, 100% natural from certified organic and FSC certified plantations and Talalay.

Pillows: standard and ergonomic.

Stock Supported Furniture Fabrics

Symphony Mills mainly supplies fabrics for the production of sofas, chairs, beds and curtains. In addition, our fabrics are often used for a large variety of applications:

In part due to our different types of finishing, the same fabric can be used for different appliations and customers.