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What's your best mattress fabric for a perfet night's sleep?

Mattress fabrics often seem to be overlooked when putting together a bed. And yet, they directly influence our way of sleeping. Knowing more about the yarns used, might be the difference between a peaceful night and a restless one. To make things easier for you, we listed the materials we prefer for mattresses. 

Have you ever had the feeling of waking up tired and worn-out? There’s a chance your mattress, and more specifically its fabric, is bothering you. With the right materials, your mattress should keep you fresh when it’s hot, warm when it’s cold, and refreshed even when you’re sweating heavily. 

Our designers and fabric technologists know exactly which fibers and yarns help improve your sleep. Here’s an overview of the ones they love the most. Happy sleeping!


Bamboo yarns are particularly known for their natural resources and excellent moisture wicking. Or, as we like to say it: when you sweat, you won’t stay wet. 

Bamboo has been a preferred material since the 1860s. Its highly breathable fibres make it a perfect yarn for warm climates or hot summers. As it’s also very soft on the skin and inherently anti-bacterial, it easily reduces allergies caused by bacteria or fungi. 

Organic cotton

Organic farming is an important branch in worldwide agriculture that’s gaining more influence every day. This fairly new way of farming implies that farmers grow their crops without using fertilizers, pesticides or toxic chemicals. 

Exactly so for organic cotton. This eco-friendly cotton uses less fuel and energy, resulting in a lower carbon footprint. Extra points go to the prevention of water contamination that stems from its chemical-free production process. Being chemical-free gives organic cotton another benefit: it’s an ideal solution if you’re sensitive to chemicals. 

What else, you ask? The ultimate soft cotton quality, of course. Once resilient, always resilient. This time, it’s just extra sustainable on top.


Comfortable, cool, and conscious. It perfectly sums up Tencel, a unique yarn created from a mix of pre-consumer cotton waste and wood pulp from sustainable tree farms. 

You’ll immediately want to hug this ultra-soft, light-weight fabric. A great moisture absorber, Tencel is a great fabric for sensitive skin. Thanks to its durable character, it’s very long-lasting and not prone to becoming thin over time.  


Modal is a type of rayon, which was originally developed as an alternative to silk. Modal rayon is made from hardwood trees like birch, beech, and oak. This soft and very drapable fabric is known for its comfort and brilliant luster.

Easy cleanability is something many of us are looking for nowadays, and modal lives up to this demand. Modal is washable and is 50% less likely to shrink than cotton. Add in its effective sweat wicking and you’ve got yourself a perfect partner for your bedroom.


Ready to reduce wrinkles by sleeping? We present to you: silk, the strongest natural fiber in the world.

Silk is considered a natural anti-aging product in the bedding industry. Its natural silk amino acids have proven to work small miracles on your skin when left in contact overnight.

Next to being the strongest natural fiber, silk has many other benefits that stem directly from its natural origin. Highly important in bedding, for example, is that silk is blessed with a natural body temperature regulator and moisture controller, whatever the climate it’s used in. 

A good night’s rest is essential for the human body to function healthily. By reducing skin irritation and preventing the build-up of soil and dirt, silk mattress fabric does exactly that. As silk inherently has so many benefits, chemical treatments are all made redundant. Silk fabrics are naturally wrinkle-free and fire-resistant, and far more breathable than synthetic ones. 

Can you tell silk allows you to sleep peacefully? All of this, combined with an ultimate softness that coaxes your nervous system to relax, turns silk into an excellent sleep companion.

Many of these yarns are woven or knitted into our mattress fabrics. Get inspired by some of our fabric designs and contact us for the made-to-measure fabric you’ve been dreaming of.