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Order the Ter Molst collection in a few clicks

We must admit: 2020 hasn’t been really fair on us so far. However, bad times always bring about something positive as well. Take sister company Ter Molst, for example. Because its sales teams weren’t allowed to travel the world anymore, Ter Molst came up with a new plan: online fabric ordering. From its brand-new website, you can now order samples from a large part of its collection and have them shipped to your door. Ter Molst Indian hub jumped aboard. 

If we can’t take our collections to our customers, Ter Molst thought, there’s got to be another way. With an online sample ordering system, the company now meets its customers’ request. The Belgian company, its American hub and its Indian hub give you the chance to browse their catalogue online and have samples delivered to your door in just a few clicks. 

Ter Molst’s Indian hub, part of GTA India, also joined this innovation and offers, among others, the following upholstery fabrics to its customers. 

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