About GTA India

Global Textile Alliance India (GTA India), originating from Belgian parent company GTA Belgium, offers interior fabrics for all available sleep systems. By opening a department of sister companies Symphony Mills and Ter Molst, GTA India offers also a broad array of upholstery and curtain fabrics for your entire interior. With over six decades of experience in exceeding the sleep and interior industry needs, our European brands are present around the world.

GTA India was established as India’s first mattress ticking manufacturing facility. By setting up a plant in India, we offer locally-made qualitative fabrics. This gives you a reliable source, prompt service and flexibility to buy as per your requirement. Our company is always looking for the latest trends and implementing them in our collections using well-researched colour schemes and materials.

A proud member of interior textile quality label Love Home Fabrics, GTA India shares its vision of excellent craftsmanship at competitive prices with ten other textile manufacturers around the world. All facilities in the group have a combined capacity of 28 million metres of knitted fabric and 45 million metres of woven fabric per year; an opportunity for us to keep learning, improving and growing.

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